Student Educational Travel (SET) 

ALL FUNDING FOR JULY 1, 2015 through JUNE 30, 2016 HAS BEEN ALLOCATED.  Applications for travel beginning July 1, 2016 typically re-open in May.

SET (formally AAA) has a committee that consists of up to four faculty and four students appointed annually to allocate travel grants to students to present at conferences or to give presentations. 

SET has a budget of approximately $25,000, and average proposals should be no more than $500 per person.  Groups of students can apply together.  No group or department can be granted more than $2500 in an academic year.  SET cannot fund international travel.

1. Click here to read the Fund Guidelines which outline what types of expenses SET can fund.

2. Prepare 

  • Website with detailed information, schedule, and registration costs for the conference.
  • Information about your plans to present your work at Portland State upon your return.
  • Legal name and PSU ID number for every traveler
  • Dates and times of travel (to the best of your knowledge)
  • Lodging information including address, phone, number of nights, and rates
  • List of other funding sources (personal, department, student organization, awards, etc)
  • A letter from the organizers inviting you to present your work at the conference/ event
  • A letter of support from a faculty member or advisor

3. Click here to submit your grant proposal at least six weeks before you travel.  You should hear back within a week.

If your proposal is accepted:
You will need to coordinate with Student Activities and Leadership Programs to coordinate payment.  If you are traveling with a student organization, work with your advisor.  For all others, please click here for instructions.  You can contact Al Yucker with payment questions: 503-725-5650.