Student Educational Travel (SET) 

SET has allocated all available funds for the year.  The applications for funding for travel after July 1, 2014 will open in April.

SET (formally AAA) has a committee that consists of up to four faculty and four students appointed annually to allocate travel grants to students to present at conferences or to give presentations. 

SET has a budget of approximately $20,000, and average proposals should be no more than $500 per person.  Groups of students can apply together.  No group or department can be granted more than $2500 in an academic year.  SET cannot fund international travel.

1. Click here to read the Fund Guidelines which outline what types of expenses SET can fund.

2. Prepare 

  • Website with detailed information, schedule, and registration costs for the conference.
  • Information about your plans to present your work at Portland State upon your return.
  • Legal name and PSU ID number for every traveler
  • Dates and times of travel (to the best of your knowledge)
  • Lodging information including address, phone, number of nights, and rates
  • List of other funding sources (personal, department, student organization, awards, etc)
  • A letter from the organizers inviting you to present your work at the conference/ event
  • A letter of support from a faculty member or advisor

3. Click here to submit your grant proposal at least one month before you travel (ideally 6 weeks).  You should hear back within a week.

If your proposal is accepted:
You will need to coordinate with Student Activities and Leadership Programs to coordinate payment.  If you are traveling with a student organization, work with your advisor.  For all others, please click here for instructions.  You can contact Al Yucker with payment questions: 503-725-5650.