The Association of African Students

Association of African Students at Portland State University

About AAS

The Association of African Students (AAS) is a student group formed at Portland State University (PSU) in the mid-seventies by African students. Since its formation, AAS has worked to bring Africans living in the Diaspora together with the larger PSU community. AAS has done this by hosting African Cultural Night as an annual event. In addition AAS regularly recieves dignitaries, host lectures, showcases films and documentaries, as well as other artistic expressions to promote its mission.

AAS' Objectives

As a student association AAS will:

 AAS' Vision

AAS is dedicated to the constant exchange of socio-cultural information and understanding between PSU, its community, the City of Portland, and African Students. AAS encourages students, faculty and staff to come together and learn more about Africa. The emphasis is on helping continental Africans and those in the Diaspora in their struggles for democracy, freedom, and better standards of living. AAS has set among its goals to strive for an excellent reputation at PSU.

AAS Constitution