Educational Activities Speakers Board

The Speakers Board disperses grants funded by student fees.  We consider requests for funds from student organizations and departments that bring speakers or performers of educational importance to Portland State.  The parent committee that oversees the Speakers Board is the Student Activities and Leadership Programs Advisory Board.  

The Speakers Board has a budget of approximately $20,000 and average proposals typically fall in the range of $500- $2500. The most successful proposals secure financial support beyond the Speakers Board funds. No one event will be given more than $5000 per event (this would be with multiple groups).  No group or department will be allocated more than $2500 per academic year.


  • Proposals must be submitted 5 weeks in advance of your event.
  • We will normally respond to your request within five business days.


  • For up to $1000 grant you are expected to have at least 25 students in attendance.  For more than $1000, at least 50 students
  • Speakers Board will only pay for performers or speakers that add an educational component to the event
  • Speakers Board will fund contracts and box office fees only. (no payroll, food, rentals, equipment, advertising)
  • Event must be free and open to all students (you can charge non-students)
  • Event must be on campus
  • So that we can track participation, you must use the Portland State Box Office.

Click here to see how you can spend your Speaker's Board grant.  Click here to submit a proposal.

In addition to the questionnaire, you will need to attach:

  • Resumes, a curriculum vita, press kits or materials from the presenters; descriptions of their areas of expertise and topic areas.
  • An itemized budget describing all costs of the event, including honorarium, travel costs, lodging, food and advertising. The more specific you are in the written proposal, the fewer questions the Speakers Board will have and the quicker they can give you a response. Click here for a sample budget.

If your proposal is accepted:
Please include in your advertisement that your event was funded in part by the Portland State Educational Activities Speakers Board!

Please make sure to coordinate with Student Activities and Leadership Programs so that we can coordinate payment.  Student organizations, work with your advisor.  Departments can contact Al Yucker with payment questions: 503-725-5650.

If you have any questions, you can contact the Student Activities Liaison, Aimee Shattuck at or 503-725-5649.


Contact Speaker's Board: