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  • Category: Academic
  • Description: As a diverse group of politically and socially engaged students of the Debate Union of Portland State University, we endeavor to further educate ourselves and our community through events and interactions where we can have fun, build friendships, think critically, and succeed academically and personally. To Members of this organization, Debate Union offers: a place to develop, practice, and sharpen critical thinking skills; a place to develop, practice, and sharpen public speaking skills; a community of diverse individuals; a diversity of ideas for discussion; a small scale in which to explore the inner-workings of democratic processes; a place to practice communication skills; a means to connect with other colleges and universities, nationally and internationally; a means to achieve and accomplish personally, academically, and socially. To the Public at large, Debate Union offers individuals that uphold democratic processes via public discussion and debate, and via the creation of public speakers. The Debate Union organization that serves a student need and interest in forensics; an organization that will recruit students to PSU from high schools and community colleges; another means to fulfill the mission of an Urban University; to act as a centerpiece of discourse for the community. Join us on facebook at Portland State University Debate Union!
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    • debate
    • public speaking
    • law school
    • current events
    • academic
    • philosophy
    • economics
    • politics
    • competition

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